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Assist the Purchasing Manager with purchasing and supervising a team who receive all food, non-alcoholic beverages and nonperishable items for food and beverage discipline within the hotel. In some White Lodging locations this may include purchase, receipt and inventory and management of Alcoholic Beverage items as well as all other purchased items to include those within the Rooms Division as well. The Purchasing/Receiving Supervisor is responsible for the receipt, storage, delivery, inspection, accounting, rotation and inventory of all items received from outside vendors, and stored and controlled in the Purchasing/Receiving Department.


* Supervise all receiving and storage functions.
* Responsible for the receipt, storage, delivery, inspection, accounting, rotation and inventory of all items received from outside vendors and delivered through the loading dock for use of charged as services by the hotel.
* Inspect incoming items against order and specification for correctness, identifying any defects or overage/shortages on order.
* Enforce established policies and procedures for coordinating the requisition of food, beverage and other materials from departments around the hotel. Accurately record request for order and billing purposes to other departments.
* Determine appropriate PAR’s for commonly used items within Food and Beverage so that necessary supplies are available when in demand.
* Supervise the efficient transport of requested items to designated locations in the hotel in a safe manner.
* Conduct inventory of all product and ensure reconciliation of book to actual product in storage. Record and report all discrepancies to the Purchasing Manager, and keep accurate records of shrinkage.
* Ensure Purchasing/Receiving team maintains organization and cleanliness of all storage areas. All items are rotated, and clearly labelled for rapid disbursement. Ensure policies are created and enforced to manage storage areas in a safe, clean and orderly manner.
* Work with the Purchasing Manager on efficient intake of product in a manner that is consistent with the needs of the business.
* Ensure the schedule developed by the Purchasing Manager is adhered to by the Purchasing/Receiving team, and that any violations of the attendance policies are tracked, logged and issued to improve punctuality and attendance at work.
* Ensure that the Purchasing/Receiving team work to schedule, punch out for appropriate breaks, and all time above those published in the schedule have approval prior to work additional time.
* Ensure the Purchasing/Receiving team follow all timeclock policies, and punch in and out for time appropriately to ensure the labor and cost control targets are met.
* Train all newly hired Purchasing and Receiving clerks and ensure they have completed their job certification, and are performing all work to standards.
* Ensure that all Purchasing and Receiving clerks work in a safe manner, and in accordance with all safety policies and procedures. Enforce safe work procedures involving materials handling, and using carts, fork lifts etc.

Other Information


* Judgement/Decision Making
* Analysis Skills
* Integrity
* Organization/Planning
* Independence
* Team Player
* Pragmatism
* Energy


* Strong problem solving skills
* Attention to detail
* Organization Skills
* Ability to communicate effectively in writing and verbally in English in order to converse with vendors and other associates and managers within the hotel.
* Ability to multi-task in a fast paced environment, with ever changing priorities; ability to remain calm and collected
* Must be able to perform arithmetic calculations
* Proficient in Windows Office, Microsoft Office, and POS systems
* Ability to write reports, business correspondence and policy and procedures for departmental efficiency


* High School Diploma / GED Preferred
* 2 years purchasing/receiving experience
* Food Handler Certification
* Working knowledge of the hotel/restaurant industry preferred


* Purchasing/Receiving Supervisor must interact with subordinates, Kitchen personnel and leadership and subordinates within other departments therefore communication skills are required including speaking, listening and writing. Additionally, significant standing and walking is required in the movement of food and beverage items throughout the hotel and receiving and storing of same items prior to transport to other areas. The totality of tasks can require standing and walking for extended periods of time (up to -5-7 hours).
* Items must be received, sorted, stacked and moved so manual dexterity and fine motor skills are required to grasp small and large items are required in this position. Typing and use of keyboard and computer equipment is a requirement within this role. Additionally, this position requires bending, lifting, stooping, squatting, reaching, overhead lifting, pushing, pulling and lifting of up to 70 lbs. on a regular basis is required to perform this role.
* This position often requires the ability to perform multiple tasks and transactions in a very fast paced environment, and react to changes within that environment; therefore, memory and prioritizing skills are essential and used throughout the day. Purchasing/Receiving Supervisor additionally is required to use deductive reasoning and math knowledge in order to use and balance multiple types of reports including inventory, reconciliation and hours reports (to name a few).
* Problem solving and interpersonal skills are required in this position to handle interactions between team members, and to assist in solving issues which arise through the shift.
* Vision is required in order to supervise the intake of items, date, label, store and manage the distribution of items throughout the hotel. Creation of, and management of reports and data entry are required in this role.

Location Code: 1300

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