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Responsible for cleaning all dishes, glassware, cooking utensils, pots, pans and other food and beverage related items for the Kitchen, Restaurants, Banquets, IRD and the Rooms areas. Incumbents in this position operate the dishwasher, and scrub pots and restock all supplies in assigned areas of the hotel. In addition, this position conducts general cleaning duties including cleaning, mopping and scrubbing of Hot Boxes, Queen Mary’s etc. and trash removal as well as cleaning the Kitchen area (floors, walls, ceilings). During banquet events, the Stewards also assist in plating of meals and running food to the meeting space for customer events. Requires moving supplies to multiple ranch venues and operating ranch vehicle or ranger.


* Provide the highest quality of service to the guests at all times and anticipate and exceed guest expectations. Know and live the mission and the White Lodging / Brand basics. Understand the hotel improvement plan.
* Assist daily pre-shift or daily drees rehearsal
* Use and store all chemicals and cleaning materials correctly. Notify supervisor when running low on supplies for ordering.
* Sweep, mop floors, wash work tables and walls of the refrigerators and other equipment assigned using designated chemicals. Ensure that the floor and work surfaces are kept free of trash, water, etc. to prevent potential accidents. Use wet floor signs, and remember to remove them once floor has dried.
* Maintain a clean and orderly work area in accordance with hotel standards. Ensure that food sanitation practices are followed. Maintain food handling and sanitation certification as required by the State and/or Brand. Follow all personal protection equipment (PPE) guidelines (gloves, goggles, aprons etc.).
* Stack glass racks and make sure racks are securely fitted on top of one another. Do not stack higher than eye level and ensure you can see ahead when pushing dish dollies and cards.
* Complete daily and weekly cleaning schedule (Rail road cleaning schedule).
* Scrape food from dirty dishes, pots and pans and wash by hand or in the dishwasher following all standards for maintenance of the machine and/or safety. Sort silverware before cleaning. Load and unload dishwasher property. Monitor wash and rinse temperatures and report any issue immediately to the supervisor.
* Follow proper food handling/holding procedures to include the maintenance of the HAACP temperature thresholds of all food products.
* Sort and store all clean china, glass, silver, chafers, coffee pots, pitchers, display pieces, platters, etc. using proper procedures.
* Keep waste and breakage to a minimum. Be careful when reaching into bus tub, as hidden items such as knives, or glass can create injury potential.
* Clean equipment using specified chemicals to ensure sanitary standards. Polish silver using machine as well as hand buffing. Perform floor scrubbing and buffing using heavy equipment. Steam clean kitchen equipment. Ensure all food holding and transport equipment is maintained and functions properly. Report any issues immediately to supervisor.
* Assist with unloading product from supply trucks. Transfer supplies and equipment between dock, storage and work areas using safe transporting procedures (do not carry heavy loads, use cart or hand truck).
* Maintain sanitation and cleanliness of all areas of dish room and kitchen aisle.
* Remove trash and garbage to designated area during and prior to the team leaving at the end of the shift. Be mindful of items poking from the bag for potential safety hazard. Be sure trash cans are emptied, and washed out (steam clean) inside and out. Bins and lids must be cleaned and sanitized before lining with plastic bags.
* Ensue that broken glass/bottles are put in a separate bucket and emptied at the end of every shift.
* Set up the dishwashing machine and ensure that water is changed at least twice daily. Clean dishwasher and set up for next shift before leaving at shift end.
* Train all Stewards in how to maintain proper temperature in all pots and pans sinks (Wash tank 110 to 120 degrees, Rinse tank 110 to 120 degrees and sanitized must be from 75 degree and no more than 100 degrees)
* Ensure temperature logs are been fill up in a daily basis for all dish machine and 3 compartment sink
* Break down dish machine and clean inside and out.
* Always operate equipment safely and according to policy.
* Walk the areas to ensure there are clean floors, tile walls, ceilings, drains, hoods, filters, and baseboards. Assign special cleaning or other projects. Ensure completion of daily, weekly and quarterly cleaning schedules.
* Participate in daily pre-shift meeting or dress rehearsal.
* Notify the Supervisor of any maintenance issues.
* Ensure security and confidentiality of guest and hotel information and materials.
* Practice energy conservation.
* Follow time and attendance policies.
* Assist with plating operations, and run food to meeting areas as requested.
* Wear uniform, including nametag at all times in accordance with hotel’s standards of appearance and brand standards.
* Communicate properly and effectively with the guest, co-workers and supervisor/managers.
* Maintain knowledge of hotel property, hotel staff, hotel services, hotel service hours of operation and hotel surroundings (i.e. mall, restaurants etc.).
* Adhere to all work rules, procedures and policies established by the company. This includes but is not limited to those contained in the Associate Orientation Handbook and the red Emergence Response Procedures Manual. Have a thorough knowledge of emergency procedures. Complete Chemical Training, and Blood borne Pathogen training.
* Follow proper key control procedures.
* Requires moving supplies to multiple ranch venues and operating ranch vehicle or ranger.
* Perform other duties as assigned.

Other Information


* Integrity
* Independence
* Reliability/Dependability
* Team Player
* Energy
* Passion
* Tenacity
* Perseverance


* Ability to work collaboratively
* Ability to adapt to a changing environment
* Must have a valid driver’s license.


* Food Handlers Certification
* Stable work history


* Periods of time loading, pushing and unloading supply cart and / or food hot boxes to areas throughout the hotel; emptying trash, and sorting and stocking items. Vision is required to see spills on the floor, tables, food particles on plates and pots/pans as well as water spots on glasses.
* Bending, stooping/kneeling throughout the day to clean dishes, utensils, pots and pans and equipment. Scrubbing requires bending, stooping and kneeling to reach low and high areas of equipment and walls. Moving racks of glasses, plates, silverware, equipment and heavy items as well as cleaning and maintaining storage rooms may require lifting of up to 70 pounds.
* Continuous standing and walking are required to accomplish all that is required for this position.
* Manual dexterity and fine motor skills are required to reach, hold and grab, sort and stack small items such as silverware and small containers.
* Must be able to grasp, hold and use tools to clean including large mechanical buffers, brooms, mops, rags and other materials.
* Chemicals/agents are used in cleaning glassware, sliver and dishes.
* Must have the mental and physical abilities to perform essential stewarding job function with or without reasonable accommodation.
* Minimal literacy necessary to utilize training tools; minimal communication skills required to interact with others. Excellent vision required in order to meet critical cleaning standards -(i.e. no spots, food particles on dishware)
* SAFETY REQUIREMENTS (I.E., CLOTHING, SAFETY EQUIPMENT REQUIRED, ACTIVITIES PERFORMED): Constantly. Safety shoes, utilize proper guards, follow proper safety procedures and use proper lifting techniques. Maintain security of work area and equipment while maintaining the level of safety required by the Company and OSHA requirements.
* EXPOSURES (FUMES, CHEMICALS, VIBRATIONS, HUMIDITY, COLD, HEAT, DUST, NOISE): Constantly. Exposed to changing temperatures, slippery floors, bacteria in foods, noise and vibrations.
* OPERATION OF EQUIPMENT/TOOLS/VEHICLES: Constantly. All dish room equipment.

Location Code: 9090

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